Assembly & Test


After all components are manufactured according to technical drawings and specifications, surface finish and tolerances, all components is being washed proper method and solvent. Proper seal selection provides the final assurance that the cylinder is rated to withstand the pressures of its intended application.

Clean, components, zero contamination and dust free environment is the mandatory stage for assembly. Rod assembly and tube assembly steps performed by experienced and careful personnel in ANR.


Hydraulic Pressure Test

Each produced hydraulic cylinder at ANR ENGINEERING is subjected to internal and external leak tightness test according to written instructions at least 15 cycle times. We have 5 test machines with following capacities;

  • HT1: 2700 mm/ 210 Bar
  • HT2: 2700 mm/ 210 Bar
  • HT3: 1500 mm/ 210 Bar
  • HT4: Free Length/ 250 Bar
  • HT5: Free Length/ 300 Bar

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